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Pendentif Golden tube first name on a grain of rice
[tube personn]

Gold pendant tube first name on a grain of rice [personalize tube] Color: Transparent black ink only Dimension : Length: 2. cm size of the vial Width: about 0.7 mm Reference: golden pendant tube first name on a grain of rice Reason: View dropdown menu Material: metal-resin-oil-ink Variation and customization: View dropdown menu You buy a pendant tube I engrave your name, or your messages on a grain of rice. Mounted in a case containing special oil to keep the heat rice grain and moisture Cases and oil are transparent only Buyer of thank you to specify the message to be engraved or first name in the comments of your order Engraving is handcrafted on a grain of rice with black ink of China only. This is a very nice gift for the person you love, very original and very special gift, this gift will be unique. Unique because of its customization, or its message that it be able to contain. Up to 14 letters No space for message or any name, for more contact us for your request. No space for a message or any name First name is inscribed by hand with a special Indian ink, it is then inserted into a tube with a special liquid transparent color only, magnifying effect which makes for a better look message it contains, and keep the rest of your life. Do not hesitate to order it you will be enchanted. Your single lucky pendant containing a grain of rice with your name, or your message Example: (I love you mom - happy birthday - Magali, for you, congratulations, event name, wedding date, first name? your children, class of 2014, date) also available for special events. To make your choice, here is the drop-down menus:

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